The Dominion Fund.

The Dominion Fund is a yearly fundraising appeal to bridge the gap between the total cost of operating our school and tuition revenue. 

Contrary to popular belief, tuition does not cover the full cost of educating each student. It takes tuition and charitable donations to provide the distinctive qualities that Dominion offers including smaller classes, exemplary teachers, exceptional academics, fine arts, athletic programs, and an unapologetically Christian foundation for our students.

Why doesn’t tuition cover all costs?

If we set tuition to cover 100% of the costs associated with offering a quality Christian education, many families would not be able to send their children to Dominion. This would adversely affect the learning environment we have created. Also, gifts to the Dominion Fund are tax deductible where tuition is not.

Where do the dollars go?

Gifts to the Dominion Fund supplement our operating budget and provide unrestricted resources for the school’s immediate needs: faculty/staff development, technology, program support for all levels of the school, and facility maintenance.

How can my donation make a difference?

Every gift makes a difference, regardless of the amount. We encourage you to pray and give according to your means to support our ministry. Also, increased participation in giving by the Dominion community, including our board, faculty/staff, parents, grandparents and alumni, helps pave the way for potential future support from outside organizations and charitable foundations.