Dominion Hall of Fame.

Dominion honors the most deserving of its alumni athletes with induction into the school’s athletic Hall of Fame. Nominations and consideration is based on athletic accomplishments as a student at Dominion,  accomplishments in college, and how such participation has brought credit to our school and community.

DCS Athletic Hall of Fame Inaugural Induction, May 2017

Athletes, 2001-2008

Justin Kimbrell (2001)

Billy Kim (2002)

DaRonne Jenkins (2003)

Kasie Groom (2003)

Jon Middleton (2005)

Heather Nation (2005)

Joanna Peebles (2005)

Greg Meyer (2006)

Alex Russ-Stafanic (2007)

Caleb Suri (2007)

Grey Terrell (2007)

Matthew Jackson (2008)

Athletes, 2009-2012

Chris Svidesskis (2009)

Derrick Workman (2010)

Tia Keitt (2011)

Shannen-Rose Forde (2012)

Team & Special Inductions

2005 Volleyball Team, Coach Marina Fleming

2007 Cross Country Team, Coach Brett Edwards

Dr. & Mrs. John Williams

Coach Michael J. Gold, Athletic Director