High School Faculty.

Our faculty is committed to helping students grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually. In addition to their role as teachers, faculty members serve as coaches, advisers, and mentors for our students.

70 percent of faculty have graduate degrees.

The average faculty member has 15+ years of teaching experience.

Natasha Buckler


Daniela Combee


Edward Gleason


Michelle Davis


Sharon Evans


Denver Harris


Suzanne Huff

Fine Arts

Sheila Kelley


David Mudd


Patricia Price

Science & PE

Paul Scanling

Band Director

Kimberly Smithey

Choral Director

Aimee Tate


David Vreken


Callie Waddell

Physical Education

Dr. Chuck Whittaker

Spiritual Development

Employment Opportunities.

Dominion Christian is a place where faculty and staff members build careers and grow as professionals. We seek to identify, recruit, and develop faculty and staff members who bring diverse and richness of experiences, perspectives, talents, and backgrounds. Dominion is  dedicated to supporting the intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional growth of each of our students.

You are encouraged to either email or mail your resume regardless of the position(s) listed below. Openings unexpectedly arise from time to time and we appreciate having candidate information on file.

General inquiries can be submitted to:

Ed Morris, Headmaster (emorris@dominionmail.org)
Michael Lightner, Principal (mlightner@dominionmail.org)
Mike Gold, Athletic Director (mgold@dominionmail.org)