Coronavirus (COVID-19) School-Related Information

Dominion Christian School continues to track news and information regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community and region.

 This health crisis is an evolving situation; regular updates from our our state leadership and health officials continue to affect school schedule, opening/closing, and events.

Remote/on-line learning began on March 17, 2020 and will extend through the rest of the semester.

Although our school campus is closed, our teachers and students are actively engaged in instruction and learning during this time. Our instruction, whether remote or in person, is intent on readying every student for the next level of learning. Our teachers are committed to providing a profoundly different learning experience than most schools are accomplishing right now. It is our privilege to continue to teach and engage students during these challenging times.

We are focused for the next several weeks of remote learning to deliver the knowledge, skills, experience, and spiritual formation necessary for every student to be ready and confident for the next step in their education. We are all (teachers, students and parents) new at this. And we are learning as we go. We have received great feedback from our school community, addressed lots of technological and logistical issues, and have made adjustments that will help our students better navigate their school work and classes.

5/19/20 Email: Update for Parents & Students

Parents & Students,

First of all, thank you to all our students for staying engaged throughout this “school from home” shift in which we all participated. Parents … you were so instrumental in helping your students stay focused and on top of dozens of emails you received from teachers, our school counselor, and administration. We appreciate the partnership we have with you and the privilege of educating your children. We often take for granted the “face to face” time we have with our students. We all truly missed finishing the year in “normal” fashion.

The first run of report cards is complete. You can access your current third and fourth quarter grades on ParentsWeb. The average of the two quarters determines your second semester grade. Below is DCS’ numeric average > letter grade scale.

4th Quarter Honor Rolls & Academic Awards Posted

Each quarter, Dominion publishes their honor rolls. In the high school, students qualify for high honors with a minimum 3.50 GPA based on the quarter grades; honor roll is based on a quarter GPA in the range 3.00-3.49. Middle school high honor students are recognized for all A’s for the quarter; honors students have all A’s and B’s.

Even under the unique circumstances, students were able to engage and stay on top of their studies. In recognition of academic excellence and hard work, teachers have submitted their academic awards in each of their courses – they will be available when you come on campus for check out. Congratulations on a job well done!

DCS Honor Rolls & Academic Awards Online:

I had missing assignments! What can I do to improve to improve my quarter (and semester) grade?

All teachers have been flexible with due dates and assignments throughout these challenging times. You might find yourself with some missing assignments that you wish you could remedy. You have some additional time! If you have fourth quarter missing assignments, please contact your teacher – we are opening fourth quarter grades through Wednesday, May 27, to submit missing assignments. Teachers will evaluate and give additional and/or partial credit.

We look forward to seeing you as you come through to clean out your locker, return books (DE and borrowed) and athletic uniforms/equipment, and pick up your yearbooks. We look forward in anticipation to next year — getting back to school in a more regular manner.

Enjoy your summer. If you have any questions, or if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Lightner, Principal
Dominion Christian School

5/8/20 Email: Update for Parents & Students

Parents & Students,

I just wanted to give a few updates and information going into our final week of school. I would encourage students to push to the end. If you have missing assignments, need help, or support, please contact your teachers right away.

Locker Clean Out, Yearbook Pickup, & Spring Sports Uniform Turn In 

We have a schedule for students (and their parent) to sign up to come to campus on Tuesday, May 19 (9 AM – 7 PM), and Wednesday, May 20 (9 AM – 5 PM), to clean out their lockers, turn in sports uniforms, and collect their yearbooks. Seniors will also pick up their cap/gowns on these days. We will be admitting up to four families per 20-minute time slot. Families must have a reserved time to be admitted to the building.  

Information for GA Driving Learner’s Permit

There have been some inquiries about obtaining a learner’s permit during restricted times due to COVID-19. Georgia’s DDS has put out new (temporary) guidelines and directives for students wanting to start driving. In particular, school enrollment documentation is required. Below is a list of items we will accept during COVID-19 school closures:

  • A Georgia DDS Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1)  may be signed from the applicant’s school and dated within the past six (6) months;
  • Transcript provided by the customer’s most recent school of attendance (Transcript does not have to be certified); Transcripts can be printed online in most school districts.
  • Current progress or grade report with the customer’s name on it. Progress reports and report cards can be printed online in most school districts.
  • Current school ID issued by the school or school system.
  • Other forms of school identification, showing the customer’s first and last name.

Report cards are available to print through your log in onto ParentsWeb > Student > Report Card. For more information from GA DDS, please visit their FAQ at

As always, if you have any questions please email me or Mr. Raines.

Mr. Lightner

5/1/20 Email: Update for Parents & Students Week of 5/4

Students & Parents,

I just wanted to give a few updates and information going into next week of online learning. We have just two weeks left (eight days)!


Video Sessions, MS Tests, HS Tests schedules are posted on Google docs. We are on a 4-day schedule for online sessions – Monday & Wednesday, periods 1-4 and Tuesdays & Thursdays, periods 5-8.


For Jigsaw Interactive sessions, there are no “links” to individual classes. Just go to and enter your email and password. You will see the classes you are assigned. Just click on the approprate class to attend.


Some parents have asked about end of year plans for locker clean out, returning DE books and spring sports uniforms, and getting yearbooks. We are developing a plan and schedule for this to occur the week of May 18. We will send out more information about these end of the year plans once they are finalized.

We continue to monitor updates affecting our community and adjust as new information becomes available. We are praying for each of our families and students. This is not at all ideal and we very much want to get back to a more normal life. It’s been quite a challenge for all – we miss our students and wish we could do school face-to-face. If you need extra help, please reach out to your teachers early in the week to set up some time for a online help session. Mrs. Hirschler is also available for support or guidance as needed.

As always, if you have any questions please email me or Mr. Raines.

Mr. Lightner

4/26/20 Email: Update and Notes for Week of 4/27

I hope you and your family are safe and well. I just wanted to give a few updates and information going into this week of online learning.

Video Sessions, MS Tests, HS Tests schedules are posted for this week.
We are on a 4-day schedule for online sessions – Monday & Wednesday, periods 1-4 and Tuesdays & Thursdays, periods 5-8.

We want you to know that our administration has been researching, learning, and watching out for student and family safety during our use of Zoom and Jigsaw sessions. One significant change this week – Jigsaw Interactive now requires students email + password to attend online sessions. There are no “links” to individual classes. Just go to and enter your email and password. You will see the classes you are assigned. Just click on the class to attend. You can test it out at any time. 

These changes, as well as more secured sessions on Zoom, will help us continue to provide a safe and engaging platform for instruction and teacher/student interaction.

A few of our administration and staff were able to get out on Friday and deliver yard signs to our seniors celebrating their accomplishments. Although we look forward to the time we can assemble together at a graduation event, it was so good to see some of our students and have an opportunity to encourage them.

senior signs

We continue to monitor and adjust as we learn more on this adventure in remote learning. If you have any questions, please email me or Mr. Raines.

Mr. Lightner

4/30/20 Email: Update for Seniors & their Parents

Senior parents and students,

I wanted to update you on where we are with our plans for our senior graduation. I talked to Burnt Hickory Baptist Church several times over the past week and based on the information available from local health officials, they are not allowing group gatherings in their facilities for the month of May. Over the next week, they are rescheduling all of their church events. Once they do that, they will be able to give me a new date for graduation.

Ideally, I would like for us to be able to hold our graduation in June. We will also be working on a July date as a backup in case the local government and health officials choose to extend the restrictions into June. I appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncertain times. Once we finalize the date and other information (such as who all will be able to attend), we will let you know. Senior graduation is always the highlight of our school year and we look forward to celebrating with our seniors and their families.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

David Raines, Headmaster

4/18/20 Email: Schedule for April 20-24 & FAQ

Parents & Students,

I pray you and your family are doing well. As we continue to work together in this rapidly changing environment, I am reminded that we are not alone on this journey. I am reminded that our Father’s mercies and faithfulness are new every day. Thank you for the numerous emails of encouragement and support for our teachers and staff over this past week. It is a blessing to know that you are praying for us. We are very grateful to be a part of the DCS family.

We are comforted by Philippians 4:6-7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. This passage is a good reminder that, in every situation, our prayers ground us in God’s peace. Please continue to let us know how we can be praying for you and your family.  Our teachers, our counselor, and administration are always available daily via email and we encourage you to communicate as often as you need.

Michael Lightner, Principal
Dominion Christian School

Mom’s Prayer Time

One Friday a month, many of our mom’s have gathered for prayer. There is still opportunity to “gather” for prayer. If you are interested in meeting in an online session for sharing and prayer, please contact Shelly Powell. If there is interest, she is willing to set up a time to meet (

Class Sessions & Testing Schedule for week of April 20-24

  • Important: The spreadsheet is a “working document” for teachers. Although most scheduled times are set, there may be tweaks and updates as needed.
  • Video Sessions, MS Tests, HS Tests schedules are on separate tabs
  • We are now on a 4-day schedule for online sessions – Monday & Wednesday, periods 1-4 and Tuesdays & Thursdays, periods 5-8.

Frequently Asked Questions …

How will my student know what their assignments are?

Teachers will continue to email the weekly work plan prior to the week (typically on Fridays).  Additionally, all assignments for the week are posted on RenWeb (please check both HW tab and Lesson Plan tab). Additionally, students can access testing and live class schedule online.

Does this quarter count?

Yes. Student learning will be assessed this quarter, though it is not expected that students will have as rich an experience as they would in a face-to-face scenario. As a college prep school, we are committed to readying students for their next level of learning. Therefore, teachers are focusing on necessary content, critical skills, and essential knowledge for the remainder of the year.

Are online sessions attendance required?

Unless a teacher posts a session as optional, students are expected to attend the online class session. Our live sessions are the best way teachers can deliver content, answer questions, and engage with student is meaningful ways.

What if my student has tech issues that causes them to miss a session?

Please communicate with your teacher right away explaining the issue. They will be flexible and understanding once they know the issue. If you are having technology issues, Mr. Lightner can often troubleshoot issues.

What if my student needs extra help?

Teachers are available for academic support. Please reach out to teachers for extra help or an individual online “help session”. If your student is feeling overwhelmed or needs some spiritual guidance, Mrs. Hirschler (School Counselor) or Dr. Whittaker (Director of Spiritual Life) can provide some additional support for psychological and spiritual well-being of students during this difficult time.

What is the last day of “classes” and will there be a final exam week?

The last day of classes is Thursday, May 14. There will be no final/semester exams. Final grades will be the average of the third and fourth quarters.

What about SAT & Advanced Placement Testing?

If it’s safe from a public health standpoint, the College Board will provide weekend SAT administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August. For AP exams, students can take their AP Exam online on any device with access — computer, tablet, or smartphone. For more information, please visit the College Board’s website.

What are the plans for a graduation ceremony?

Our school’s administration continues to track news and information regarding the current COVID-19 crisis. We will follow the directives of our state leadership and health officials in determining when and how we can assemble for graduation.

4/16/20 Email: Update - Last day of classes & semester exams

DCS Parents and Students,

I hope that you and your family had a blessed Easter weekend. It is always good to remember and celebrate that we serve a Risen Savior!

Here are some things we wanted to share with you:

  1. We will continue with our remote learning for the remainder of this semester.
  2. Our last day of school will be Thursday, May 14. This is for all grades, 6-12.
  3. We will not be giving final exams at the end of this semester.
  4. Tuition will remain the same for next year.
  5. Several weeks back we sent out a survey to our families. Some of you replied and asked for us to follow up with you. Because the surveys were anonymous, we have no way of knowing who to contact. If you would like to discuss anything on the survey, please let me know and I will be happy to follow up with you.

We are monitoring information from our local government and health officials. Based on this information, we will continue to update you on our plans for the end of the year.


David Raines, Headmaster
Dominion Christian School

4/1/20 Email: Update from David Raines

DCS Parents and Students,

As I listened this afternoon to Governor Kemp’s declaration that schools close for the remainder of this academic school year, my mind went to Isaiah 55:8-9: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

As the Headmaster and father of a senior, this is definitely not the news that I wanted. However, we can trust in the fact that God’s ways and plans are best even when they do not make sense to us.

I appreciate the way everyone in our school family has adjusted to remote learning. Using this format, we will continue to provide a quality education for your students for the remainder of this school year.

Although this will be a different Spring Break from any that we have experienced in the past, we hope that our students enjoy their break. They have worked really hard during this transition and deserve some time off. When we return from Spring Break, we will send out more details about the remainder of this school year.

Thank you for being part of the DCS Family,


David Raines, Headmaster
Dominion Christian School

3/27/20 Email: Information, Tweaks, and Adjustments for week of 3/30

Students (& Parents),

We have completed our second week of “at home/distance learning”. We are learning better and more efficient ways of providing content, information, and assignments to our students. I think, at this point, teacher, parents, AND students would much rather be at school in face-to-face classes! Thank you for the feedback on how things are going, and your notes of encouragement, and prayers throughout the week.

For next week we have made some adjustments that should help.

  • Teachers will be posting links to their assignments, sessions, and resources on the homework section of RenWeb.
  • A streamlined schedule for classes meeting for live sessions: Periods 1-4 on Mondays and Wednesdays; Periods 5-8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Friday being optional. Teachers many do alternative methods and not use any or all their slots.
  • This schedule is available to parents and students as well so they can plan accordingly.
  • Important: The spreadsheet is a “working document” for teachers. Although most scheduled times are set, there may be tweaks and updates as needed. 

These things should help and we will be tweaking things as we go. Thanks for your patience as we navigate this “new normal” – we pray that this temporary crisis comes to an end quickly. Your teachers miss seeing you in person. Hang in there.

If you have questions, about your classes, please reach out to your teachers – they will help you. If you need help with RenWeb (not receiving emails, can’t find the HW Drop, etc.) or you are having difficulty getting on an online session, please email me and I will assist you in any way I can.

We will have a general update from Mr. Raines next week. Please understand that we’ve seen changes daily as new information and directives come from our state leaders and health directors. As we process and make decisions, the administration will provide updates on school closing, time tables, events/activities, and expected day of return.


Michael Lightner, Principal
Dominion Christian School

3/25/20 Email: Update from David Raines

DCS Parents and Students,

Thank you for your flexibility and support as we transitioned to remote learning. It has been encouraging to see how our teachers, parents, and students have all adapted so quickly. The Governor initially requested that schools go to remote learning through March 31, 2020. Based on current information from the Governor and local officials, we are going to extend our remote learning through at least Friday, April 3.

Our Spring Break will be the following week Monday, April 6- Friday, April 10. We will continue to monitor information from our government and health officials and will let you know our plans for after Spring Break as we get closer to that time.

I encourage you to read Psalm 91. It is a comforting passage that reminds us to put our trust in the Lord in times of trouble.


David Raines, Headmaster
Dominion Christian School

3/17/20 Email: Update from David Raines

DCS Parents and Students,

A lot has changed over the past week. In spite of these uncertain times, it is comforting to know that God is in complete control and we can trust in Him. 

Based on the governor’s request last night for schools to close through March 31, DCS will continue with remote learning through March 31, 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated if anything changes.

I want to assure you that even though we are not in our normal routine with on-campus classes, our commitment to providing students a quality education has not changed. I appreciate the extra hours our teachers are working to make sure students are receiving all of the material and instruction that they need.
Here is some information about what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • By this evening, Tuesday, March 17, you will receive an email from teachers letting you know the assignments for the remainder of this week.
  • Starting this Friday, March 20, you will receive an email from teachers every Friday between now and Spring Break with the assignments for the upcoming week. (In addition to the email, these assignments will also be in Renweb.)
  • Starting next week, parents will receive a call from each of their student’s teachers. Teachers will be checking to see how students are doing and if they have any questions for the teacher. If you have a question, you do not need to wait for the phone call. You can contact your teachers at any time, and they will be more than willing to help.
  • We will still have our Spring Break April 6-10. Many of you have already planned trips for this week. In addition to the trips, our students will be working hard on their academics over the next few weeks, and the week off will come at a good time. Originally, Monday, April 13, was scheduled as a school holiday. Should we be allowed to have on-campus classes at that time, Monday, April 13, will be a regular school day. As we get closer to this date, we will let you know our plans. 

This is unchartered territory for all of us. We appreciate your prayers as we seek to do what is best for our students.

Should you have any questions, please let me know.


David Raines, Headmaster
Dominion Christian School

3/12/20 Email: Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and School Closing

DCS Families & Students,

Dominion’s administration has been monitoring the developments in our area related to the coronavirus. Our commitment to the safety and health of our students, faculty, and staff is a priority. We have been keeping abreast of directives from the Georgia Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

We will have classes at Dominion tomorrow, Friday, March 13. This will be an opportunity to have access to teachers and to collect all books, instruments, and resources for the upcoming days.

In accordance with Governor Kemp’s guidance and in keeping with our commitment to student health and safety, we are closing our campus and implementing learning from home effective Monday, March 16. With the close proximity of coronavirus cases and Governor Kemp’s recommendation, it is in the best interest of our school community to make this decision.

This closing will include all school related activities, athletic events, and meetings. During our closing, school work will continue to the best of our ability. Our teachers will reach out to their students with directives to continue learning and provide school work via email and online sources.

There are several events and meetings that will be affected by this decision. The following events and meetings will be cancelled or rescheduled.

  • Monday, March 16: Parent-Teachers conferences will be cancelled. Please feel free to reach out to individual teachers for information or to set up a conference by phone.
  • Tuesday, March 17: Open House cancelled.
  • Thursday-Saturday, March 19-21: Rangers kayaking trip to Florida (will rescheduled if possible)
  • Friday, March 20: 10k Raffle, Auction & Dinner will be rescheduled.
  • All athletic events and practices cancelled while out of school.

It is a challenging time for us. It is a difficult time for families. We often take for granted the privilege we have of school, gathering for church, attending events, etc. We are committed to working with our students and families as we navigate through these extraordinary times. We have requested it often … Your prayers for our school, our teachers, our staff, and administration is the best way you can support us.

More information and updates will be coming as new information arises and additional plans are put into place.

Mr. Lightner, Principal
Dominion Christian School

Event Changes

All athletics, events, and club activities are either canceled or postponed. All DCS buildings and fields are closed until further notice.

7:00 PM by invitation only
Online Auction
June 16-25
$10,000 Raffle
7:00 PM on Facebook Live Stream