While students are enrolled at Dominion Christian School, during the school year they must be enrolled in courses taught at DCS. Students may not take correspondence or online courses from other sources concurrently with enrollment at DCS, if comparable courses are also taught at DCS. This may be waived if there is an irreconcilable schedule conflict with the DCS course, preventing the student from enrolling in it. If students choose to take courses during the summer (courses which are not taught at DCS), these courses must be completed before school begins in the fall, or DCS will not accept credit. Students who fail a first-semester course at DCS may take it online during the second semester; students who fail a second-semester course at DCS must either take it in the summer (completing it before the next school year) or must retake it at DCS. Students may not take outside course work during the summer in place of taking that course at Dominion; such work may only be taken to make up work which has previously been taken at DCS.

In the case of seniors who are taking online courses, particularly for those who are making up previously failed courses, the final grade from the online course provider must be received by the school no later than one week before graduation. Please plan your work – online providers are all very busy during May, since students all over the country are in need of credits for graduation. There may be delays in grading and processing work submitted; there may be missed mail deliveries; the institution may be delayed in getting your exam graded; etc.. DCS is not responsible for such delays; if the final grade is not received by the above deadline, the student will not be allowed to graduate. Our strong suggestion is that you plan on completing all work no later than May 1, so you will not have the pressure of getting work graded right before graduation.

This listing of acceptable outside course work is provided as a resource. Please note that some of these programs are not providing a distinctively Christian approach to the material, and so DCS cannot endorse that aspect of the programs. They are listed here simply as programs we will accept for credit for students who need to take courses during the summer or courses which may not be offered at Dominion. Students should check with the school principal before enrolling in any course, to confirm that particular courses will be acceptable and will count toward DCS graduation requirements. (Note: we have dropped a number of programs from our listing. Many were dropped simply due to their not being found of value. Others were dropped due to their poor service and repeated delays. The ones listed below have been found to be acceptable.)

For most of these, the DCS administration must sign a statement that we approve and will accept the credits. Please bring any such forms to the principal. In nearly all cases, exams must be proctored; the school will serve as a proctor. Please check each site for specifics regarding registration fees, etc.

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