Dominion offers a wide variety of courses and electives, as we seek to meet the diverse needs and interests of the student body. The following are courses currently being offered. Dual Enrollment (DE) courses are offered in conjunction with Truett-McConnell College, in Cleveland, GA.

deb-hathawayCourse Descriptions & pre-requisites

Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra 3, DE College Algebra, DE Pre-Calculus, DE Calculus w/Analytical Geometry

English: Introduction to Grammar and Literature, World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, AP Language and Composition, DE Composition (EN 101), and DE Composition & Literature (EN 102)

Science: Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, College Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Marine Biology & Oceanography, Forensic Science, AP Chemistry

History: Ancient World History, Modern World History, American History, US Government, Economics, DE World History I (HI 101), DE World History II (HI 102), DE American History I (HI 201), DE American History II (HI 202)

Bible: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Comparitive Religions, Spiritual Warefare (Ephesians), Creation Apologetics, and Apologetics

Foreign Language: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, DE Introductory Spanish I (SP 101), DE Introductory Spanish II (SP 102)

Fine Arts: Introduction to Art, Art Techniques, Ceramics, Studio Art, Photography, AP Studio Art, Band, Chorus, Theater

Computer/Technology: Yearbook, HTML/Web Design, MS Office, Photoshop

Physical Education: Team Sports, Health, Girls' Fitness, Self Defense, and Weight Training

Additional Electives: DE General Psychology (PY 201), Yearbook, SAT Prep

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