2021 Candidates for SGA.

You will be allowed to vote for two officers to represent your grade. Please take a few moments to consider their statement before you vote on your class representatives.

Senior Class Candidates

Madalyn DuPree

It is my privilege to be sharing my last year of highschool with all of you! As your candidate for class officer, getting to know each and every individual helps not only myself, but all of future SGA members coordinate, plan, and decide our future for the 2021-2022 school year. Leadership has always been a major part of my life; whether it was my teachers, coaches, pastors, etc. they all helped mold my view of Leadership. God is who we live to serve and share his word in order to Glorify his Kingdom. My experiences of Leadership include founding a weekly bible study at a secular public school, being part of my churches Youth Council, and the Women’s team captain of my weight lifting team at the 2019 Youth National Championships in Anaheim, CA and at the 2018 USA Weightlifting Olympic Trials.

It is my mission to make sure the student body of Dominion celebrates and enjoys their time at Dominion.

Rourke Kelly

As a student of Dominion Christian since the 6th grade, I am a committed Knight that believes strongly in our school and what it stands for. Students have come and gone over the years, but I stayed committed, believing in the value our school brings to each of us. I have been fortunate to have been elected twice to serve the student body. During my time as a Student Government Association member, the committee and myself organized functions such as a pancake breakfast, homecoming, prom, field day, and collected canned goods for the needy just to name a few of our accomplishments. I would like another opportunity to represent the student body.

I have watched our school grow and would love the chance to lead our student body one more time. I appreciate your consideration in voting for me.

Ella Kim

As an international student from another country, it is an honor to write such an application. I never thought I’d be writing this dream application. If I become a member of SGA, I will be an example for students and lead the school as well as I can. I’ll also be a voice of other Dominion students. If they need any help, I’d be happy to help them. I got through hardships as an international student. I know how to deal with challenging situations. If I become a member of SGA, I can use my problem solving skills to help the team. I’ve learned how to get back up from my experiences. I can motivate people not to fall down. If someone really needs help, I’d be happy to help them. I’m not afraid to accept challenges even though it’s hard. I know how to be independent but I also work with teams.

I want to grow one step further with our 12th graders before college, just as I have grown up through many of these experiences. My goal is to become a strong team leader through SGA. I would like to continue SGA in college.

Amanda Rosamond

I have been apart of SGA since last year and I absolutely fell in love with it. I love coming up with new ideas and helping our student body grow as a family. I have absolutely loved being apart of Dominion’s student body and watching the school grow as a whole and would love to continue to be a part of the reason the school grows!

Summer Webb

Last year, I had the opportunity to serve as a junior class representative at Dominion Christian, and I benefitted enormously from the experience. Through engaging with the student body and planning school events, I gained valuable leadership skills. I also developed a good understanding of what the student body wants.

When I first came to Dominion Christian, I knew no one. However, I was immediately engulfed by the family atmosphere and Christian environment. If elected, I would strive to incorporate structure and format in SGA. For instance, meeting agendas and minutes (in attempt to produce accurate records) of all proceedings would be mandated. I want the student body to be engaged and think back on their high school years with admiration. Making a safe and exciting place for everyone no matter who they’re friends with or how shy they may be.

Junior Class Candidates

Hannah Ashworth


As a member of the SGA, I believe that I can positively influence the student body to be actively engaged. For over a year now, there have been challenges related to the pandemic that touch so many parts of our lives. Leading with a positive voice rooted in Christian principles would serve as encouragement to the students and the student body as a whole.

One of the most important qualities to have as a leader is the ability to listen. Equally important is the ability of a leader to promote trust. Listening to the students and gaining their trust are two things that I can do as a leader that will help us to achieve our collective goals.

Throughout the year, I can bring new ideas. I also have a new and different view on some things because I came from public school. I am also flexible and will be able to make time for SGA whenever it is necessary. I just want everyone to have fun throughout the school year and create an opportunity for each class to strengthen their bonds.



Deyba Barsir


When I first got to Dominion, I knew not a single soul and had never heard of SGA. My sophomore year, I wanted to apply, but I was so scared of rejection, that I was never able to apply for SGA. Now, I’m going to test the waters and see what I can do.

I want to be an SGA representative for 11th grade, because I want to encourage people like me, to go out against all odds and do things that they think they can’t do. I know what it’s like to be Dis-included. I know what it’s like to feel not good enough for a position, and not trying because you already know the outcome. My goal, if I am elected to SGA, will be to make sure no student feels this way. These are supposed to be the good years of our lives, but how are we supposed to enjoy them, if we are too scared to break out of our shell and we have no one to push us?

This is what I want to accomplish in SGA. I want to make it as inclusive as possible. I want everyone to feel like they deserve an opportunity. And I believe that SGA will give me a chance to accomplish this. I would also like to join SGA because I want to better myself as a person, a leader, and a follower of Christ. Thank you so much for this opportunity, even if I don’t get elected to SGA, I feel good, knowing that I tried.



Emily Cribb


I would count it a high honor to serve as a Junior representative for SGA. I aim to do all I can to help my fellow students in any way within my ability. I would love to use the talents and skill set I have been given to glorify God in the student government setting. In my years at Dominion I have been placed in the many positions of leadership. I have been a part of Dominion’s praise team, Beta Club, National Honor society, and I was a sophmore representative for SGA last year. I am taking high level classes, including AP, DE and honors courses. I am also in a position of leadership at my church by serving in the tech booth on Sundays by way of visual media.

SGA has an important role as the voice of the student body. It would be an amazing privilege to be able to represent my class. High school is a very formative age. It is one of the most memorable times in your life and I would be thrilled to be a part of creating those memories.

Dominion is like a second home to me. I want to do everything in my power to spread kindness and good character throughout the halls. The people who attend Dominion alongside me have become like a family to me. I think people find me to be reliable, mature, a good listener, one who encourages, and is kind. I would love to bring creative light and new ideas to our school events. Most of all I want to be apart of spreading the light of Christ within our school and its ongoing functions. He is the reason we are all alive and therefore is the center of all that we do. I aim to work with my fellow classmates and representatives to shine His truth and light in everything we plan, do, and accomplish. Thank you for your consideration!



Maci Campbell

First I’d like to say thank you for this opportunity!!…As a proud dominion student I desire to be elected as a class official for sga. Through sga I can continue to work on my leadership skills and be a voice for the students by listening to their wants and needs. Over the past year I have developed great leadership skills by joining the Marshill Community Church youth leadership team, with this team we’ve spent time volunteering and creating fun events for our youth group. Through this youth group I have grown in my relationship with the Lord more than ever and I have desired to be a leader in and out of my school. I was inspired to start and lead parking lot prayers in our parking lot on Monday mornings at 7:45 and I’m looking to start a bible study. Also in big and crazy family like mine I’ve learned the need for patience and listening before acting on anything important. For these reasons I believe I’d make and excellent school officer by being able to use my leadership skills to further the betterment of our school!!

Alexander Jordan


I’ve been going to this school for 5 years now. There are so many times that someone has had to step up and make a decision, and I usually end up doing it. A while ago my class, without help from the teacher, had to figure out their seats in alphabetical order. No one would talk to each other, so I spoke up and got the first few people into their spots. Once everyone started talking to each other, I disengaged. I try to be assertive in situations where I can help people without offending them. My classmates usually come to me for help on homework. I can usually help them, and if I can’t help them, I try to get someone that knows more about the subject to help. One of the things I’ve tried to do goes with the old saying about “give a man a fish he eats for a night, teach him how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” I try to show them how to do the problem, and walk them through it. If you show someone how to do something and then they actually do it right once, that helps them get it better than just doing it once showing them. Getting them to do the problem while telling them what to do helps considerably. I also try to find the simplest way to explain something first, then start to explain the complex part of it. I would like to be in the student government for the experience. I think it would be a good opportunity to try to understand people and make compromises between ideas. I might even make new friends from it. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for reading this.



Esther Rhoads

I view being a part of SGA as a great responsibility and honor. Not only would I be able to participate in my school on a larger scale, but I would be grateful to get more leadership experience and memories with my fellow classmates. I’ve been a captain for track since freshman year, and a captain for cross country since sophomore year. I’ve also been in Mu Alpha Theta, Beta club, and the National Honor Society, and tutored fellow students. I often take the leadership role in group activities, and do my best to make sure my group succeeds. If I was able to participate in SGA, I would do my best to encourage everyone to speak out about their opinions, and would try to ensure that everyone’s voices were heard. I believe that I could use my knowledge as a leader to help keep the group focused and collected, and that I could bring new ideas to the table. I would strive to bring the spirit of Christ into the teamwork and assist others with a loving demeanor.

Kylie Scott


My name is Kylie Scott and I would love to be a Junior representative on SGA. I was a member of SGA last year and with the obstacles that Covid brought us I believe we were still able to have a great year. However, I have high hopes for this one to be even better! This year I want to have great school spirit. I have many ideas for events and fundraisers on behalf of the school.

As high schoolers class work can overwhelm our schedule. I think it is important to have a good balance between having some fun and academics. I have been a part of many clubs and sports teams and have held several leadership positions. I am one of the two captains of the varsity volleyball team, I have coached a rec volleyball team, and I worked in the office at Dominion this summer. As a leader, I know I have to put others before myself and be a good listener. I am always open to listen to ideas from anyone and contribute my ideas as well. SGA is an honor and I would love to be a part of the team.

In conclusion, the 2020 school year was very hard physically and emotionally on all of us due to the pandemic. My goal as an SGA leader for the 2021-22 school year is to promote student enthusiasm and participation in all activities at DCS. We have a great group of students and I would like to lead and implement activities throughout the year that will make DCS thrive to the next level!! I am proud to be a DCS Knight and look forward to the opportunity to hopefully serve in a leadership position.



Jessa Stebbins

I am Jessa Stebbins and I believe I would be a great fit as a representative on SGA for the class of 2023. What I feel I would bring to the council is creativity, responsibility, organization, and much more. In the past, I have volunteered at churches, taken care of children, and helped at events held for the special needs community. I am captain of my club volleyball team as well. I have a few leadership skills and roles, but I believe that SGA would develop and broaden my leadership skills and experiences. SGA would provide me with the tools, activities, and learning experiences that I need to become a better and more promising leader.

The role I feel I would play in student council is the role I am needed in. If you need me to be a leader, I will step up and be a leader. If you need a hard worker to do what she’s told, I will follow my instructions. If you need a creative person to come up with ideas or make posters, I will do so. I will do what someone needs me to do. I want to be a part of SGA because it is something I like doing and something that I am good at. It makes me a better person and allows me skills I would not have otherwise. I want to be a part of council because I feel I bring unique ideas and I love being a part of something that can do good for Dominion Christian. I benefit as much as I believe SGA benefits from me. What I hope to gain from SG is my leadership skills improved, my ability to work with and tolerate others improved, and people coming to me when they have a problem in the school that they would feel like fixed so that I could bring it up and see what we could do about it. I feel the goals of SGA should be how to improve the school for the student body and staff. I think SGA should put together events and activities to help Dominion’s school spirit and cultivate positive relationships with students and staff.

Overall, I believe I would be a good fit for this position because of my dedication to going above and beyond and commitment to learning any new skills to lead to success in the future.

Lainey Tanner

Hi my name is Lainey Tanner and I would like to be a junior representative for SGA. At my last school I was sophomore class vice president and I was really involved in the student government, as well as being in beta club, fca leadership, being a captain of the golf team, and being in yearbook. I am also on the student leadership team at my church. At Dominion I am on varsity volleyball and basketball and I am also in yearbook. So, as you can tell I really like to stay involved wherever possible and I think this would be a great opportunity for me. Being on all these different leadership teams at many different places has given me many different ideas to bring to the table.

The Lord has definitely called me to be a leader and show those who don’t know God who he is through leadership and I think this is the perfect opportunity. I’ve only been here for half a year and I already love it and If I am given the opportunity, I am so excited to help wherever my help is needed.

Kaylee Vickers


I would like to be in SGA because I like to come up with ideas and be involved in what is going on at school. I have experience with leadership from cheer in general and being cheer captain. The past two years I have come up with many ideas for Homecoming and events and things we can do around the school. I love to be a voice and have a way to come up with ideas for the school. I want Dominion students to have the best time at school in events that we have, so I want to be able to come up with ideas that will help people enjoy school and the events that go on.



Caleb Vreken

I want to be part of SGA, because I am willing to put in the effort to make this school better. This is my 6th year at this school, and I have seen what has worked and what hasn’t worked. I am willing to listen to other people’s ideas, and add my own ideas to the conversation. I will try my hardest to leave this school better than I found it, through my participation in SGA. I have been in SGA for two years already, and know what to expect. I know what to plan for, and how to do it. I have seen ideas that worked really well and ideas that haven’t worked. I know how to learn from past mistakes, in order to make the future better. This is why I want to run for SGA.

Chloe White


Last year was the first time I got to experience what a school like Dominion could offer me, and within that school year, I had learned that it could offer me so much. Now that my second year at Dominion has begun, I wish to help maintain the happiness and smiles that I see all around the school. Joining SGA would make it possible for me to do just that. If I were to be elected, I would do my utmost to brainstorm fun ideas that bring us closer to the Lord. Hopefully, I will join SGA in keeping Dominion a fun and interactive place to be. As a Junior, I am responsible, organized, thoughtful, and a hard worker. I try very hard to do well in all my classes, and I know I will work just as hard to help with SGA. The Student Government is a fantastic association that I desire to help with all of my leadership knowledge. Let us work together and create a positive, interactive environment.



10th Grade Candidates

Savannah Bryant


Imagine this. You’re walking in the halls, going about your day, and suddenly a BRILLIANT idea comes to mind. This idea of yours has to be better than anything Einstien could ever create and NEEDS to be heard by the school board. But one problem presents itself… who can you ask? Obviously, our administration board would practically eat you if you presented to them. So who can you ask? Oh right! You can tell Savannah Bryant, your friendly sophomore representative.

Hi! I’m Savannah Bryant and I’m running to be an SGA 10th-grade representative. You might be wondering, “What would make Savannah the most awesome candidate for me to vote for?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Some of you might’ve known that I was a representative on SGA last year, where I had a lot of fun, even as a virtual student. Now that I’m in person, I’m even more excited to be a possible part of SGA! But to do that, I need your vote.

Here’s why I am a great candidate for you to elect onto the SGA board. Meeting all the students who came in the past 2 years has been super fun and getting to know you all has been a blast. Being able to represent my class and better my friendships would be an honor. I believe everyone deserves a voice, and through me, I hope to provide that.

Beyond SGA, I’ve been part of Mu-Alpha-Theta and I served as captain of the JV cheer squad for last year’s basketball season. I also am a member of 4-h of cobb county and I’m an active senior athlete. These activities have taught me leadership, communication, and team-building skills that I can apply when representing my class members within SGA.

Finally, I have a long-running history around Dominion. Dominion has been a part of my life since I was about 3 years old. My eldest brother was a graduate of the first middle school class that DCS ever had, graduating in 2016. He was also a basketball player, which led to me spending a lot of Fridays inside the gym. Dominion has poured into me even before I went to elementary school and giving back through SGA is something I love to do. I hope you can trust me to be a 10th-grade representative for you! It would be a true honor to serve on the board for my second year. Everyone in our grade deserves to have a voice, which I hope I could provide.

With your vote, I could represent you as a representative for this 2021-2022 school year. I promise to do my very best to make this year amazing If I were to serve on SGA. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a blessed day! Vote Savannah to be a sophomore rep!



Abigail McKinney

I would first like to say that it would be an honor to represent you on Dominions SGA board. I love being a student at Dominio and I love my classmates. Over the past couple of years, I have worked on developing my leadership skills. I was on the Junior Advisory Board for Swim Across America in 2019. Swim Across America is a nonprofit organization that raises money for the Aflac Cancer Center at CHOA. For the past two summers, I have been one of the coaches of the Bentwater Barracuda Swim Team. Through these organizations, I have learned how to fundraise, collaborate with others, problem-solve, and lead in good times and bad. Here at Dominion, I run and support my teammates on the cross country and track teams. I want to represent this class by using the talents that God has given to me that will glorify Him in the best way possible. As a representative, I will make sure that I listen to all of the students in our sophomore class. I think that it is exciting to have a voice in what goes on at school and I hope that I am able to be a voice for the sophomore class. Dominion is already an amazing school and I am excited to be able to contribute more to it this year. As an SGA representative, I would make sure to love first, as we are told in Corinthians 16:14. I know that this year is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to be part of making it even better!

Princess Deborah Sanni-Obasusi


I desire to be elected as my class’s representative because I like to be resourceful with my ability to take initiative, and I would like to lead by example while bringing God’s love and unity to the community. I would like to be the voice between the students, teachers, school administrators, and even parents as needed. Doing this will bring some positive changes to the school. I want to use this opportunity to voice out my class’s opinions and to glorify God’s name. I would like to see the whole school as ONE BIG community that has and shares the same goal of God’s POSITIVE image anywhere and everywhere we go.

I would like to see us live by our school’s name (DOMINION) and take charge of our lives in more loving ways at the school. The Bible says that the Lord has given us dominion over all things, so let us rise and shine together. As Christians we should be all together, there should not be so much separation between the Middle and High School except academically, we are all our brothers and sisters’ keepers. I want to bring our student body together and make it stronger. My leadership characteristics are not limited to school.

I have been privileged through Jesus Christ to lead our Churches’ Junior anniversary committee where I was chosen as the President, and I was reelected again for the second term in 2020. I was elected at age 11 to guide and coordinate our Sunday school activities for three years. Not only can I be a good leader, but I can also be a good teammate because I am a chorister, who helps to see the success of our monthly and yearly social gatherings. I have just been promoted as the media and technology assistant on my church’s media team, where I am learning more about media, production, and coordination skills. I am also a member of the Good Samaritan committee where we offer our monthly free services to Ronald McDonald’s House in Decatur GA, I have been a volunteer member since 2016 till the present. My previous volunteer community experiences will help me to gather the student body together for the glory of God.

I know that my peers have wonderful ideas and suggestions to be shared and discussed. I can carry out this task for the benefit of the whole student body. As the class representative, I will put all efforts into making sure that we do things with respect, in love, and presenting ourselves as Christ Ambassadors while still maintaining higher academic grades, to lead by example.


9th Class Candidates

Abby Elle


I would like to be voted as a class officer for SGA because I want to represent my fellow students and have an impact on the school by how I show love and kindness to those around me. Also, I have had a passion for leadership positions, like being in the student government, for a while. I have had the honor and privilege to serve and lead in many ways.

One leadership experience I had in the past was leading a middle school girl’s Bible study my 8th-grade year at Dominion, with my friend Sophia. Another way I lead is by volunteering every Sunday morning at my church in the preschool classroom. Here, I help the preschool teacher teach the kids and show God’s love for them. I can contribute to my school and class by holding an SGA office by bringing a positive attitude to the environment around me and trying my hardest to make school events and activities enjoyable for the majority of students. I also hope to bring a creative mindset and be open to other ideas and opinions of others in the school. Lastly, I would like to encourage school spirit and pride.



Jake Jackson


First i would like to say that i think i would be a good repersentative for SGA at dominion. I feel that it would be very important to listen to all of my peers in a respectful way. As a canadate I think its important that you glorify god in your actions for SGA. Not only will I have my own ideas, but will also try to present all of my peers ideas to the staff. Not only will i present ideas presented to me, I will also encourage my peers and make them feel comfortable coming to me with there ideas.I think its important that all students with diverse outlooks also come forth with there ideas. I will be looking for diffrent ideas that are outside the box, or something new to dominion or not done before. I would like to present some ideas that spark intrest, ideas that make everyone want to participate. Something that would cause energy around the school. I hope these events become something my peers remember forever and look back on for years to come. Hopefully we can build the school and make everyone proud to me a dominion knight. I humbley ask for your vote to represent you for Student government.



Broughton Kelly


I have been blessed to call Dominion Christian my home since the 6th grade. My family has stayed strong in their commitment to the school. I have a brother who is a senior and a sister who is in the 8th grade. I am excited about the growth our school has experienced over the past couple of years and would like the opportunity to serve on the Student Government Association in order to represent the student population. My goal as an SGA member is to organize student centered activities to bring us together. I would also like to see more community activities arranged so we can bless the unfortunate with our time and resources and to give students the opportunity to receive volunteer hours. I appreciate your consideration in voting for me.


Olivia Moore


When I learned that I was nominated for SGA for my freshman year at Dominion I was a little apprehensive and nervous because I wasn’t sure if I was qualified to lead my class. I have always been the shy, quiet girl in school so joining SGA would definitely push me to come out of my comfort zone. After talking about it with my parents, I realized that this would be a great opportunity for me to learn how to be a leader and prepare me for college and my future career. I have led a lot of summer pony camps which I really enjoyed so it would definitely be a step up to lead my friends and classmates. As far as other qualifications, I am very dedicated to anything that I set my mind to, I’m a hard worker and I’m a very good listener. And, my membership in the Atlanta Pony Club, has given me some great experience in hosting and planning events for horse shows and fundraisers. If I’m chosen for SGA I think the most important thing we would need to do is get everyone involved. I love going to Dominion events so it would be a lot of fun to get all of my classmates involved and excited about going to events also. We have a lot of new students from Midway this year so we need to make them feel like a part of our school and get them excited about participating in school activities and clubs. I could also help with the communication between the students and the administration. I have a few different friend groups at Dominion so I think I would be a good advocate for each of their interests. Even though I’m nervous about being a leader in SGA, I think it would be a great opportunity for me to grow. My classmates would have a Christian leader to support their interests and make Dominion an even better school to be a part of.



Sabrina Rowan


My name is Sabrina Rowan and I want to give you a voice. All my life I wanted to feel heard and included. So many of you feel the same way. If you want to be heard, elect me for the Student Government. I will make sure your ideas are heard. I have so many ideas myself! For example, healthy snacks in the vending machine. We all sometimes forget lunch and need to eat out of the vending machine. Ugh! Candy, expensive muffins, and extremely expensive coffee. We need healthier snacks. Redo the girl’s locker room. Do you see all the dirt on the wall? The colors do not match the lockers. The showers do not even spray water. If you elect me, I will try my hardest so that the girls’ locker room will change. This is a complaint through all of the 9th grade girls and I bet all of the girls in the entire school will get behind me on this notion. I have never been in the boy’s locker room, but maybe it could use improvements too. A big event for all the grades. Middle schoolers have many fun trips. But what about the high schoolers? There are so many places we could go. Seniors could go on a mission trip to learn about serving God out of High School. If you vote for me for student government, I will make sure that the students have a voice and are heard!