Below are some common questions asked by prospective families. Contact us directly with any questions particular to your needs.

What Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses does Dominion offer?

AP courses offered: Chemistry, English Language & Composition, and Studio Art. 45 college credits offered through dual enrollment courses withTruett McConnel University: United States History 101 & 102, English 101 Advanced Composition, English 102 Literary Types & Composition, World History 101 & 102, Spanish 101 & 102, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus w/Analytical Geometry, Statistics, Introduction to Biology, and Psychology 101.

What is offered in the fine arts program?

Dominion has extensive offerings in the arts including Introduction to Art, Art Techniques, Photography, Digital Photography, Studio Art, Band, Choir, and Drama.

What foreign languages are offered?

Spanish I-III and dual enrollment Spanish 101 & 102 (both HS and college credit).

Does Dominion have an international program?

Dominion has a well-established international program including I-20 capability. Students from West Africa (Ivory Coast), Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, Norway and South Korea have been a part of this unique program. For more information on the International Program, please click here.

What technology support is provided by DCS?

All students at Dominion have access to the technological tools, training, and support they need to enhance a rigorous academic program. Dominion has incorporated online access to grades, assignments, and discipline reports through a password protected system.

Does Dominion have a uniform policy?

Dominion adheres to a uniform policy. Standard uniform is khaki or navy pants and school-logo polo shirt. Uniform approved outerwear is also required for students during the school day. Spirit-wear is available from our Dominion Knights Athletic Association.

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