Sleeping Bag (or twin sheet set) and Pillow Sunscreen & Bug Spray
Toiletries, Towel & Washcloth Flashlight, Camera & Batteries
Bible, Pen & Notebook Modest Swimwear*
Clothing for two days Clothes that can get really dirty
Clothes to relax in / PJs Sandals, sneakers, casual shoes
Money for Snacks at the Game Room Rain coat/Poncho/Jacket/Hoodie
Refillable Water Bottle (Nalgene or similar)
  • iPods and cell phones are not to be used at any organized activity or event. They are only allowed during free times.
  • Cell phones are not to be used after lights-out.
  • Other suggested items: camera, board games, Frisbees. Do not bring anything that would be prohibited on school property (e.g. pocket knives).