Sleeping Bag (or twin sheet set) and Pillow Sunscreen & Bug Spray
Toiletries, Towel & Washcloth Flashlight, Camera & Batteries
Bible, Pen & Notebook Modest Swimwear*
Clothing for two days Clothes that can get really dirty
Clothes to relax in / PJs Sandals, sneakers, casual shoes
Money for Snacks at the Game Room Rain coat/Poncho/Jacket/Hoodie
Refillable Water Bottle (Nalgene or similar)
  • Headphones, electronics, and cell phones are not to be used at any organized activity or event. They are only allowed during free times.
  • Cell phones are not to be used after lights-out.
  • Other suggested items: camera, board games, Frisbees. Do not bring anything that would be prohibited on school property (e.g. pocket knives).

Dress Guidelines for Retreat

In addition to general school dress code standards of modesty, the follow dress guidelines must be followed:

  •  NO "Short" Shorts (Nike "style" athletic shorts are permissible). T-Shirts/Shirts may not be longer than, hide, or cover shorts.
  • NO tight pants of any kind (Long or short pants), spandex, yoga pants, compression, tight jeans are not allowed. Pants must properly fit according to school policy.
  • NO tank tops (Boys or Girls).
  • NO halter, spaghetti straps, shoulder less tops.
  • Undergarments are not to be visible.
  • Swim wear must be modest - Boys and girls (Girls must be covered with a dark tee-shirt. Boys must wear gym short styled swim wear.)
  • NO clothing with holes in them.
  • NO revealing clothing of any kind. (Tight, Holes, See through, Length etc.)
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