sharptopcoveRetreat is a school wide event (all students and staff attend) and it is required as those are counted as school days. It is a wonderful time of bonding, prayer, fellowship, and fun for our student body and faculty.

High School Speaker: Russ Moore, Campus Pastor, Crossroads Church, Columbus, OH
Middle School Speaker: Cat Gartrell, Student Ministry at NorthStar Chruch, Kennesaw, GA

Important Information for Parents

  • Students arrive at 10:30 AM, Tuesday, 10/2, and depart from DCS at 11:00 AM 
  • Students must bring a bag lunch as lunch is not provided.
  • Students will be transported by coach contracted from "His Majesty Coach" Busses. We are not contracted to use the onboard restroom facilities – it's a short trip 1.5 hr trip to and from SharpTop Cove

All students must comply with DCS student handbook rules & retreat policies

  • All medications prescribed for students must be released to DCS front office by Wednesday, 9/26. Retreat departure (10/2). Mrs. Jewell will distribute medication at Sharp Top.
  • Please supply three (3) days dosage in the original prescription bottle with directions.
  • "Permission to administer medication" form must be on file with DCS.  Forms and medication must be turned in to the office by 9/26.

Dress Guidelines for Retreat

In addition to general school dress code standards of modesty, the follow dress guidelines must be followed:

  • NO "Short" Shorts (Nike "style" athletic shorts are permissible). T-Shirts/Shirts may not be longer than, hide, or cover shorts.
  • NO tight pants of any kind (Long or short pants), spandex, yoga pants, compression, tight jeans are not allowed. Pants must properly fit according to school policy.
  • NO tank tops (Boys or Girls).
  • NO halter, spaghetti straps, shoulder less tops.
  • Undergarments are not to be visible.
  • Swim wear must be modest - Boys and girls (Girls must be covered with a dark tee-shirt. Boys must wear gym short styled swim wear.)
  • NO clothing with holes in them.
  • NO revealing clothing of any kind. (Tight, Holes, See through, Length etc.)


Retreat Contacts

Thursday Arrival Time Back to DCS:
All students will arrive back to DCS campus on Thursday between noon and 1:00 pm. The school will be closed for the afternoon. Students should be picked up at 12:30pm.

Monday, October 1 – NO SCHOOL (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
Friday, October 5 – NO SCHOOL

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