Brett Edwards
Former Teacher/Coach

NOVEMBER 11, MARIETTA, GA -- With the largest response to date, this year's alumni basketball game showcased 23 alumni in the "Old School" vs. "New School". With players from the first Dominion team, Daniel Stout ('98) to recent graduate Ben Kimbrell ('17), it was a game that presented unique matchups. The game put coaches against their former players -- former head baseball coach Nathan Tidewell ('05) vs. Sheldon Robyck ('15), Dave Carr ('15), and Riley Howard ('14). Middle school coach Michael Hannah ('09) vs TJ Bryant ('16) and Tyler Guthrie ('16). The game even had brother on brother match ups with Justin Kimbrell ('01) vs. Ben Kimbrell ('17), and DaRonne Jenkins ('03) vs. Dorien Jenkins ('16). Of course, the crowd would lay in wait to see if guest referee Rich Grote, former DCS coach, would "T-up" his former player and son Richie Grote ('01).

The New School Alumni was determined to "avenge" last year's defeat. They decided to go to the "speed force" and recruit speedsters Marsalis Holloway ('10) and Dorien Jenkins ('16). With the addition of  Jordan "fast break" Dorsey ('14), who led all scorers with 20 points, they planned to run the Old School Alumni until age set in.

Rich Grote
Former Teacher/Coach

However, the Old School Alumni had a few "Meta Humans" themselves. Former All-State players Justin Kimbrell ('01) and Bo Wright ('09), along with former two-time All-Region player Andrew Smith ('08), resurrected their skills from the past and led the "Old School" alumni to a 73 to 61 victory over the talented "New School". These three "old guys" accounted for 39 of the 73 points.

Overall, it made for a great evening of fun, family, and recovery! Former players and their families, past and present, were there to reminisce about the DCS days and share their journey since graduating. It was a great opportunity to reconnect.  "Memory Lane" table, which featured photos from past DCS teams, old jerseys, banners,  and trophies helped former players to take stroll down memory lane!

We would like to thank all that helped out with the event -- we could not of done it without your assistance. We hope next year's event is even larger as we consider a tournament event with  class vs. class.



Nathan Tidwell
Class of 2005

Jonathan Welch
Class of 2006

Brad Robbins
Class of 2000

Bo Wright
Class of 2009

Daniel Stout
Class of 1998

Michael Hannah
Class of 2009

Richie Grote
Class of 2001

DaRonne Jenkins
Class of 2003

Andrew Smith
Class of 2008

Rob Rens
Class of 2003

Nathan Attalla
Class of 2008

Justin Kimbrell
Class of 2001

George Wright
Class of 2005


Dorien Jenkins
Class of 2016

Dave Carr
Class of 2015

Jordan Dorsey
Class of 2014

Ben Kimbrell
Class of 2017

Sheldon Robyck
Class of 2015

Riley Howard
Class of 2014

Tyler Guthrie
Class of 2016

Cody Lavigne
Class of 2016

T.J. Bryant
Class of 2016

Andrew Fortier
Class of 2013

Marsalis Holloway
Class of 2010